Episode 020 - If a Husband Is Unrespectable Should a Wife Show Him Contempt and Disrespect?

Episode 020 - If a Husband Is Unrespectable Should a Wife Show Him Contempt and Disrespect?

Emerson recently received the following question: How do you respect a man who has a habit of lying and going against everything the Word says? Emerson and Jonathan discuss how this wife can respond, but also more generally how wives can respond to behavior that isn't respectable. 


00:45—We did it!

02:01—Why do good people suffer? Emerson recaps Episode 19.

06:20—Letter from a listener: “Thank you for making respect something we can understand and share.”

08:37—Letter from a listener: “What can I say to get my spouse to listen to this?”

12:54—What we’re really saying about respect.

17:37—“Unconditional” doesn’t mean you give license for bad behavior.

19:20—You cannot remain neutral about sin, but you can put up boundaries without contempt.

22:14—The unequally yoked spouse.

23:00—The story of Ananias and Sapphira demonstrates this point.

24:22—Our culture doesn’t understand this.

25:00—Is this fair?

26:40—Does it work?

28:03—What makes this principle so powerful?  

29:13—Letter from a wife whose husband has left: “I’m doing what I can to win my husband back.”

31:10—Stay the course.

32:32—Jonathan and Emerson bring it full circle.

34:00—The Relationship Challenge for the week.

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