Episode 012 - Five Ways To Provoke Your Kids Without Really Trying

In today’s episode, Jonathan and Emerson talk about how easily parents can provoke their children, sometimes intentionally, but often unintentionally through sheer exhaustion and frustration. Together, they discuss five ways that parents provoke or exasperate their children and some things they can do to prevent that.  


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08:03—Emerson gives a quick recap of episode 11 and “The Jesus Way of Talking.”

10:19—Sarah wrote a blog post that got quite a few comments and shares.

11:49—There’s a line that parents can cross in how they communicate with their kids.

14:59—Jonathan and Emerson talk about life (and understanding) in the Eggerichs’ household growing up.

17:51—We all have blinders, but we can go back to the basics and learn to be understanding.

19:31—How do we know when we’ve crossed the line and provoked our kids? Emerson talks about the 5 signs.

22:21—Breaking promises and not following through can be powerfully devastating.

25:41—Sticks and stones and hurtful words.

31:13— Through presumption comes nothing but strife.

33:09—Having unreasonable expectations without being understanding of their particular abilities can crush your child.

36:14—Three questions to ask yourself as you communicate with your kids.

41:32—Emerson shares the Relationship Challenge for this week.

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