Episode 004 - The Rewarded Cycle

Emerson and Jonathan discuss the Rewarded Cycle, the last cycle from the Love & Respect book. The "why" or incentive of doing marriage a certain way is given, whether a marriage is perceived as good or bad. This is a challenging episode, but hope-filled.


0:50—The magic number of podcasting, maybe.

 1:40—It’s not about getting your spouse to change.

 2:50—Where we’re going this week.

 3:05—Looking back on Episodes 001-003, the Crazy Cycle and the Energizing Cycle.

 7:05—Emerson talks about last week’s relationship challenge. 

 8:20—Using your spouse’s mother tongue is the key.

 9:27—Jonathan talks about the internal dialogue and outward expression during conflict.

10:48—Maybe you’re married to the #1 most insecure person, but probably not. 

12:07— “Yeah, but…”

13:03—What is the Rewarded Cycle?

13:51—This really isn’t about your spouse.

14:19—“Hey Lord…your command needs a footnote!”

15:15—Is there a Judas among us? (Or Exceptions to the rule.)

16:43—Making relational deposits and withdrawals.

18:22—Emerson explains why your spouse is irrelevant and how this actually brings hope.

20:27—Everything you do matters; nothing is wasted.

21:50—Jonathan asks about the intersection of the principle and faith, especially when a spouse is unresponsive.

24:21—Emerson reveals the real incentive of the Rewarded Cycle.

26:19—The crisis is not what you think it is.

26:58—A note for the non-church-goers.

29:48—Jonathan issues the relationship challenge for the week.

30:30—Emerson gives some practical suggestions for rising to the challenge. 

33:00—What your relationship with your spouse ultimately says about you.

33:17—Sarah shakes the book at Emerson, and a lighthearted end to a serious topic.

34:24—Emerson talks about the “why” of the Love and Respect message (and why we may make a little mess in the process).

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