Episode 009 - Your Questions And Comments On The Family Cycles

Episode 009 Your Questions and Comments On Family Cycles.png

Emerson and Jonathan review the three cycles of the Love and Respect In The Family book, discussing conflict, motivation, and some of the incentives for parenting the Love and Respect way.  Additionally, Emerson and Jonathan respond to listener questions and comments about parenting.


01:28—Do you have friends? They might want to know about this.

03:08—Dave Ramsey’s Smart Conference is coming in November.
04:00—Calling all small groups—we have something for you, too!

07:29—The Illumination Project is for young and old-er people.  

09:15—Review of the three cycles in the Family Book, starting with the Family Crazy Cycle.

11:04—Zero to Crazy in 18.2 seconds.

11:29—How do we get this baby spinning in the other direction?

13:33—The root of the issue is this…

14:25—How do parents remain a team throughout this whole process?

16:40—Emerson unpacks the Family Rewarded Cycle.

19:32—This isn’t about your children or their behavior—good or bad.

21:15—“Son, I love you even if you don’t take a shower”…I was amazed it worked!

27:50—The question every mother of teenage boys needs to ask.

28:44—My six-year-old disrespects me…and it often makes me respond in an unloving way.

30:00—My response is my responsibility.

31:11—I want a family full of laughter and love, but I don’t feel like my husband is leading us there.

33:23—Are you focusing on the snapshots or the whole movie?

35:14—Emerson issues the Relationship Challenge for the week.

37:55—Where we’re going from here on the podcast—we want to hear your ideas!

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