Episode 008 - The Family Rewarded Cycle

Emerson and Jonathan discuss the Family Rewarded Cycle, the final cycle from Love and Respect In The Family. When parenting, what ultimately matters is an individual's relationship with God.  Emerson explains how to see and relate to our children apart from their response or performance, all in the context of an eternal view.


01:25—Where can you find Emerson and his daughter Joy speak?

02:20—Emerson and Joy tried to keep Portland weird with The Illumination Project.

04:02—Emerson reviews last week’s episode about the Family Energizing Cycle.

04:31—When does Sarah Eggerichs write for the Love and Respect blog?

06:37—A personal story from a listener: I was tempted to skip this episode, but…

08:18—People see me as selling cars…but I’m selling boats today.

10:20—Emerson and Jonathan start in on The Family Rewarded Cycle. What is that?

11:33—What determines your effectiveness as a parent?

13:04—Emerson jumps in to unpack G.U.I.D.E.S. in the Rewarded Cycle.

15:09—When a parent sticks it out and goes the distance.

15:50—You’re the worst parent on the planet! –Every child everywhere (at times).

16:07—Seeking to give your child courage, regardless of how they respond.

17:22—This creates the best environment to motivate a child to believe, but it doesn’t make them believe.

18:59—Moving from crazy to energizing to rewarding.

19:47—…but my kids aren’t responding to this!

20:15—What is the Family Rewarded Cycle, exactly?

21:23—Ultimately, you do what you do as to the Lord, even in parenting.

23:10—A word of caution about where you derive your identity as a parent.

26:55—No explanation is necessary…or no explanation will do.

28:09—What “unconditional” means and what it doesn’t mean.

30:34—You can do all of this perfectly, but it could end in a variety of ways.

34:21—Atta boy! Atta girl!

34:58—Emerson gives a special word to adult children.

36:48—The Relationship Challenge for this week.

38:40—Jonathan reads a powerful poem by CT Studd: Only one life…

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