Episode 011 - The Jesus Way Of Talking

Episode 011 The Jesus Way Of Talking

A recent social media post had a simple quote from The Language Of Love & Respect, which hundreds of people commented on and shared.  The quote was about the Jesus way of talking within marriage and relationships. Emerson and Jonathan discuss this during today's episode, including how to speak words that are Truthful, Uplifting, Forgiving, Thankful, and Scriptural (T.U.F.T.S.). 


01:40: Are you in the Toronto area? Emerson and Sarah are headed your way on October 3-4!

02:52: Are you in California? The Love and Respect Live Marriage Conference is coming to you, too!

03:35: What is the Smart Conference?

05:02: Emerson reviews the Relationship Challenge from last week’s episode.

08:19: I have hope that my marriage will be restored, even after 20 years on the crazy cycle. Jonathan and Emerson respond to a listener’s powerful email.

12:30: What was the Facebook post that got the Love and Respect Community talking?

15:29: My response is my responsibility.

17:48: Communication is not the key to marriage.  Emerson explains.

18:50: Why did Emerson write a follow up to the Love and Respect book, called The Language of Love & Respect?

22:19: How speaking truthful words—or lies—will play out in a marriage.

26:10: There’s a difference between truth and cruelty—3 questions to ask before you speak.

27:59: Being negative to motivate your spouse to be positive will not work, but what will?

29:58: Why do people find it so easy to put their spouse down?

32:29: The “F” word (it’s not what you think).

34:03: Your spouse has wronged you, so now what?

36:50: Focus on your mate’s good qualities and express words of thanks.

37:43: Jonathan and the positive psychology movement.

38:57: This is why reading and meditating on Scripture is so important.

41:36: The only way to give expression to the truths coming from the heart of Christ to us is this…

42:46: A couple questions to consider, which you can answer by reading The Language of Love & Respect.

44:20: Email the show at podcast@loveandrespect.com and follow us on social media!

44:53: We almost forgot…here’s your Relationship Challenge!

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