Episode 010 - Learning To Love Again

Emerson and Jonathan deal with a very difficult issue in this week’s podcast. How can a person learn to love again after they have reached the point where they do not believe they are "in love"?  And what does the Bible say about exiting a marriage? The discussion centers around a recent blog that Emerson wrote that in a three month period had over 20,000 views.


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04:45—Emerson waited 40 years to write this book.

08:20—Over 20,000 people have seen this blog post since July.  Have you?

10:14—Wouldn’t it be better for both of us if we just got a divorce?

12:33—Is it as bad as you think?

14:05—Emerson lovingly challenges the question of the day.

15:34—Snapshots of bad behavior don’t make up the whole movie.

16:12—What can you do today to fall in love with your spouse again?

17:32—Love develops and deepens over time, but the feelings come and go.

19:47—Is God a cosmic killjoy, out to ruin your marital party?

20:37—What is today’s church culture saying about marriage?

23:50—Our friend, Shaunti, says there’s good news about marriage!

27:35—Can feelings follow behavior? Jonathan answers.

28:41—This is the ultimate incentive for the Christ follower.

30:54—Emerson has a test for you.

31:29—Do these three things. They’re not impossible.

33:45—Three (Quick) Takeaways.

36:45—Five (More) Takeaways.

40:06—This week’s Relationship Challenge.

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The Good News About Marriage by Shaunti Feldhahn