Episode 007 - The Family Energizing Cycle

In Episode 007 Emerson and Jonathan discuss the Family Energizing Cycle: A parent's love motivates a child's respect and a child's respect motivates a parent's love. Six principles that parents can apply are explored: Giving, Understanding, Instruction, Discipline, Encouragement, and Supplication.


01:58—Fall marriage conferences are coming—find one in a city near you!

02:50—What’s the scoop with online streaming of the Love and Respect Conference?

05:21—Joy Eggerichs  + the Relevant Podcast + a few thousand listeners.

06:47—Emerson reviews the first Relationship Challenge from Episode 6.

09:15—Why isn’t it enough to just deal with conflict and unwind the problems?

10:55—Emerson and Jonathan unpack the acronym that gets the Family Energizing Cycle humming – G.U.I.D.E.S.

12:10—How do you spell “love” to a child?

14:56—“G” stands for giving; not too little, not too much.

17:13—Put yourself in their shoes with understanding.

19:19—Jonathan and Emerson learn the dance of instruction.

21:24—You can’t export what you haven’t imported. Bald-headed men cannot sell hair restoration oil.

23:21—Discipline is not the same as punishment.

26:50—Encourage: Equipping your child to succeed and not lose heart.

27:48—Pray with confidence that God listens to us and speaks to them. Emerson talks about supplication.

28:55—What does it mean to pray with them, not just for them?

30:48—Emerson and Jonathan discuss the power of teamwork and parenting together.

32:50—Avoiding a child’s “divide and conquer” plight in your home.

34:17—Jonathan introduces this week’s Relationship Challenge.

36:43—Download a free chapter of Love & Respect in the Family.

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