Episode 006 - The Family Crazy Cycle

Emerson and Jonathan transition from the Love & Respect marriage book to Love & Respect in the Family, a book on parenting that came out in the fall of 2013. This episode focuses on the Family Crazy Cycle: without love, children react with disrespect and without respect, parents react without love. Emerson also unpacks the definition of love and respect from a biblical perspective as it pertains to parenting. 


01:00—Friday, Monday, Friday…When does this podcast air?

02:04—Email the show at podcast@loveandrespect.com.

02:31—Where in the world are Emerson and Sarah?  

04:30—Dave Ramsey’s Smart Conference + Dream Team in the city of angels.

08:50—Emerson wrote a family book, and his kids had their hands in it.

10:12—Emerson has been thinking about this for 37 years.

10:48—Why is this family book different than every other self-help parenting book on the shelves?

13:24—This book doesn’t tell you how to change a diaper—it addresses deeper issues.

14:02—“But Emerson, I’m not a parent…” This discussion is for you, too!

15:02—A letter from a listener about the Family Book.

16:04—What does the Crazy Cycle look like in the family?

19:40—When you’re in conflict with your child, there are some questions you should ask.

20:18—Wise words from Grammy JJ (Emerson’s mom).

21:29—It’s normal for a parent to feel disrespected, but should you?

23:50—Jonathan discusses the dilemmas of a child-centered home.

25:15—Decoding what’s going on in the spirit of your child.

26:02—Emerson shares a powerful lesson from little league.

29:38—Is your child being disrespectful…or just being childish?

31:01—Oh, but you don’t know MY kid…what am I supposed to do?

32:57—We have a free gift for you.

34:05—Emerson issues this week’s Relationship Challenge.

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