Episode 005 - The Three Cycles - Your Questions and Comments


 1:10—Emerson shares some exciting news for Love & Respect

 4:59—Looking back on all the cycles and answering YOUR questions

 5:24—Emerson to gives a brief overview of the Crazy Cycle

 7:25—Q: “But, doctor, we’re just dating.  What about us?”

 9:23—Q: “How do I change myself first and get him to respond?”

13:31—Q: “How can a person catch himself sooner when the Crazy Cycle starts?”

16:04—Emerson gives another brief overview of the Energizing Cycle

17:02—Q: “What do I do if my spouse always starts and stops acting on this?”

20:50—A husband’s promise articulated + God’s help

23:24—Emerson gives a third and final brief overview of the Rewarded Cycle

25:17—Q: “What if my spouse doesn’t want to stay together?”

26:48—Q: “Have we really caught the vision of this?”

30:44—Q: “How can we help others get involved in this?”

33:25—Jonathan and Emerson issue this week’s Relationship Challenge

34:48—Up Next…

35:44—Respect-talk across the generational lines

38:05—Leave us a positive rating and a review on iTunes!

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