Episode 001 - The Crazy Cycle


In this first episode we talk about who we are, the genesis of the show, some current happenings with Love and Respect, and focus on the Crazy Cycle, the first part of the Love and Respect book. 

During this episode Jonathan asks Emerson how the principles of Love and Respect came about and why he started the ministry. They then transition to the topic of conflict within relationships, specifically within marriage, and a series of questions about a principled diagram called the Crazy Cycle. Emerson explains that when in conflict men tend to lean towards feeling disrespected and women tend to lean towards feeling unloved. The Crazy Cycle specifically states that without love a wife reacts without respect, and without respect a husband reacts without love. He unpacks this further and then we transition to this week's relationship challenge which is to recognize when the Crazy Cycle is starting and how to decode and stop it.

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