Episode 021 - Why Does A Husband Misunderstand His Wife?

Episode 021 - Why Does A Husband Misunderstand His Wife?

Saying husbands and wives can misunderstand each other at times is an understatement. In this episode, Emerson and Jonathan discuss how husbands often misunderstand their wives. They’ll take a look at a powerful testimony from a husband who concluded after 17 years of marriage that his wife was NOT intentionally nagging and nitpicking, but was trying to connect. Their marriage changed when he realized this.


01:51—Emerson recaps Episode 20.

06:11—Ask this question before you confront your spouse.

07:19—A common issue among husbands.

10:20—Same message, different filter.

10:46—Letter from a listener: “I thought she was nagging and nitpicking.”

14:55—She was majoring on the minor things, or so he thought.

16:55—The mistakes we often make in conflict.

18:15—Always and never.

24:14—Male and female differences in the public arena.

25:47—“The winner didn’t feel affirmed and the loser did not feel heard.”

28:51—This is the Crazy Cycle.

31:32—A smart man needs to figure this out.

33:00—Uncapping the intimacy in your marriage.

34:15—Emerson appeals to a man’s sense of honor in this week’s Relationship Challenge.

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