Episode 025 - Why Does My Husband Hate Me?

Episode 025 - Why Does My Husband Hate Me?.png

This week Emerson and Jonathan discuss reasons a wife may believe her husband hates her. From he truly hates her, to they’ve said it to each other without meaning it, to he doesn’t apologize to her, five reasons this may be going on are discussed.


01:01—Recap of Episode 024 and the Relationship Challenge.

04:24—Letter from a Listener: “How can I, as his separated wife, help my husband? I want to save my marriage.”

09:20—“Why does my husband hate me?” Emerson responds.

10:39—The reality is the worst-case scenario may be possible.

12:17—Is there hope for repeated behavior?

16:14—He said, she said.

18:22—Attacking the behavior vs. attacking the person.

21:43—Are you projecting your own feelings and thoughts onto your spouse?

23:48—The “ocean of emotion” and gestures of apology.

29:41—What was your husband like in the first grade?

30:46—The Crazy Cycle.

32:41—“He acted like he hated me, but after I read Love & Respect…it was like I let the air out of the balloon.”

33:25—What happens when a wife gives the gift of respect to her husband?

35:17—A question and a challenge for husbands: Ask yourselves, why might your wife feel like you hate her?

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