Episode 024 - How To Learn Love and Respect: Illumination Beyond Marriage

Episode 024 - How To Learn Love and Respect: Illumination Beyond Marriage

“As I look back on my marriage to Jackie—56 years, 3 months and 13 days before she went home—I think not so much of light bulb moments, but more of dawning realizations (I seem to be a slow learner)." Emerson and Jonathan discuss a marriage and faith testimony from acclaimed Christian author, Fritz Ridenour, in this week’s episode.

**NOTE** We apologize for the different audio quality of this episode due to technical difficulties. 

--Emerson and Jonathan


00:55—Emerson gives a brief summary of last week’s Special Christmas Edition of the podcast.

04:01—Letter from a Listener: “My husband quit his job and I don’t agree. What should I do?”

09:09—The story of friendship between Emerson and Fritz Ridenour.

11:48—The life and passing of Fritz’s wife, Jackie.

13:05—Let these words touch and teach you today.

14:04—“We learned a lot by trial and error—her trials and my errors.”

16:58—A man still deeply affected by Love and Respect in his early-70s.

17:53—“Nothing happens totally and finally, especially in marriage.”

19:41—He was nuts about her, but he didn’t know how to love her.

22:24—What is there to learn after 56 years of marriage?

24:08—“Because I met her, I came to know Christ. Because I lost her, I came to know Him better.”

24:40—No matter what stage of marriage you’re in, Jonathan asks the questions we all should be asking.

25:54—Do this because it’s the right thing for you and for your spouse.

29:18—Jonathan reflects on “deathbed moments.”

30:28—Put a stake in the ground and end the nightmare in your marriage.

32:41—The Relationship Challenge for this week.

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