Episode 023 - Who Does He Think He Is?

Episode 023 - Who Does He Think He Is?

Jesus makes an extraordinary statement in the gospel of John. He says in John 14:9, “He who has seen me has seen the father.” Emerson remembers reading that and thinking, “Who does He think He is? God?” Emerson and Jonathan discuss the implications of this statement for our lives this Christmas season.


01:38—The real reason Jonathan looks forward to hearing Emerson’s Christmas sermons.

02:11—Emerson gives a quick review of last week’s topic and Relationship Challenge.

05:01—Send us your stories! Email us at podcast@loveandrespect.com.

05:56—Who does he think he is?

06:28—Emerson’s first impressions of Jesus.

08:34—Is he liar, lunatic, or Lord?

11:25—What caused the Jewish leaders of Jesus’ day to go nuts?

12:40—The Apostle Paul and John were declaring the same thing.

14:04—Looking into the eyes of…whom?

15:01—When Emerson realized the magnitude of Jesus’ sacrifice, it blew him away.

16:33—This declaration is Good News.

17:00—Come to me.. –Jesus

17:44—Why does this matter to anyone listening to this podcast?

20:03—A kind word to the naysayers.

23:21—Bringing this full circle, so to speak.

25:18—Who do you think Jesus is? God?

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