Episode 022 - The Spiritual Leadership of a Husband

Episode 022 - The Spiritual Leadership of a Husband

Today's godly woman yearns for her husband to be a spiritual leader. The number one complaint among godly wives IS NOT, "My husband isn't treating me equally."  The broader complaint is, "My husband isn't the spiritual leader." Emerson and Jonathan discuss the topic of men being spiritual leaders within the home in this week's episode.


00:55—Where can you find the other 21 podcast episodes?

01:34—Jonathan and Emerson review last week’s topic.

05:30—This isn’t either/or—both sides need to listen in order to understand.

07:27—The most common complaint among Christian wives (HINT: it’s not what you think).

09:30—Basic requirements of a spiritual leader.

12:09—Spiritual gifts in the workplace and the home.

13:48—“I don’t think I can do this!” Emerson disarms this common fear.

15:32—Simple things a husband can do to move forward as a spiritual leader.

18:29—Day by day. Step by step.

20:19—Seven for heaven. Eight to meditate.

23: 09—Iron sharpens iron—a husband needs time with his friends.

25:56—With all of its warts and problems, God has chosen this for your good.

27:13—There’s just something about generosity.

28:23—Don’t deprive yourself of the joy that comes from serving.

30:07—Consistent effort is key, but what does this look like for your family?

31:45—What it looks like to be ready to share the love of Christ with others.

33:47—Jonathan reads over the list as a whole.

34:58—Encouragement for the typical, blue-collar husband.

39:25—An important message for the wife who’s listening.

41:22—An important message for the husband who’s listening.

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