Episode 017 - Why Should You Stop Talking To Your Husband?

Wives, would you like to learn a way to motivate your husband and know that he feels close to you in a meaningful way? Husbands, would you like to understand yourself better and why you may not do relationships the same way as your wife? Listen in this week as Emerson and Jonathan discuss how a wife can move towards her husband with less talking, even no talking, through spending shoulder to shoulder time with him.


01:36—Emerson reviews the Relationship Challenge from last week’s episode.

04:50—Laying some groundwork for today’s discussion.

05:53—What determines the quality of a relationship for a man?

07:32—The counterintuitive and countercultural truth.

10:10—It’s not what you think.

10:51—Study of best friends +  Deborah Tannen.

13:38—Agape vs. Phileo “love.”

15:21—“I told my husband I didn’t want to just sit and watch T.V. with him.”

17:32—Men don’t want to remain indifferent or disconnected, but they get there differently.

18:05—A Lose-Lose Proposition.

21:04—“I asked my husband to teach me how to play darts, and he was stunned.”

24:24—What happens when a wife just stops moving for a minute?

26:05—Is this principle degrading to women?

28:10—You don’t have to be a man to meet a man’s need for shoulder-to-shoulder time.

30:13—Exceptions to the rule.

35:18—Emerson issues this week’s Relationship Challenge—just go be with him.

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