Episode 019 - Why Do Good People Suffer?

Episode 019 - Why Do Good People Suffer?

Emerson and Jonathan discuss why bad things happen to good people and take a look at testimonies and examples from individuals who have walked this road. Together, they talk through four conclusions someone might draw about God when they have experienced suffering—God does not exist; God is all-powerful, but not all-loving; God is all loving, but not all-powerful; or God is all-loving and all-powerful.


01:47—Emerson recaps Episode 18.

06:42— I go from heartache to heartache. How many tears does God need from me?

09:10—Why some people reject the reality of God.

11:34—What to do with unanswered prayers.

14:09—Walking with and learning from people who are suffering.

18:14—Four possible conclusions about painful situations.

22:04—Is Jesus nothing but a carpenter, or is He far more than that?

24:22—It’s normal to experience emotional anger in suffering, but will you stay there?

30:10—“I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but my decision changed EVERYTHING.”

35:15—Trusting God in the face of evil.

37:00—Emerson issues The Relationship Challenge for the week.

39:05—The global impact of all of this.

41:15—WE WANT YOUR ANSWERS. Email us at pain@loveandrespect.com.

Question #1: When you suffer bad things, why do you keep trusting in God’s love and power?

Question #2: How did you live with the unanswered questions, and why?

43:43—Asking for grace to fulfill our ultimate calling.

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