Episode 018 - Oh The Joy, God Sees Your Every Sacrifice In Your Marriage!

Do you ever feel like what you are doing in your marriage isn't worth it? Through the story of the widow's mite, Emerson and Jonathan discuss why everything one does in their marriage matters, immensely so. Join them this week as they explain why nothing is wasted before God, even when it feels like nothing you are doing is effective.


01:04—Emerson & Jonathan celebrate still being alive after last week’s episode.

04:59—Q&A: “What about suggesting shoulder-to-shoulder activities that I like to do?”

08:05—Q&A: “I want my wife to hear this, but is that akin to giving her a diet book?”

11:48—The widow’s mite.

13:38—Context makes all the difference here.

17:04—Between the crown and the cross.

18:55—Do you really believe…?

20:25—Lonely and poor, but still doing the faithful thing.

24:03—You may be doubting, but rest assured of this one thing.

25:30—Is He just a carpenter, or is he the Son of the Living God?

26:22—How can you enter into a season of practicing trust when nothing is changing?

29:05—A note for those who are ready to throw in the towel.

31:35—Jonathan issues the Relationship Challenge for this week.

33:00—The mite in my marriage.

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