Episode 014 - Three Steps To Forgiveness Part 2

In Part 2 of Three Steps To Forgiveness, Emerson and Jonathan conclude the topic of forgiveness, looking to Jesus as the example. Following last week’s topic of sympathizing with the offender, today they discuss the need to relinquish the offense, but to then anticipate that God will do something in your life and marriage.   


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05:20—Emerson recaps Part One of this two-part podcast on forgiveness.

08:55—Forgiveness starts from a place of understanding.

11:11—How do you respond to your spouse’s behavior before marriage?

13:15—The second step in the Jesus Way of forgiving.

14:00—Let it go…but, Emerson, what does that even mean?

16:53—What’s the difference between “relinquishing” and “giving up”?

19:23—The physical act of forgiving.

21:13—Forgiveness doesn’t negate consequences.

23:45—Those who choose forgiveness, instead of bitterness, can anticipate a powerful response.

27:30—Are you looking at a snapshot--or the whole movie—of a person’s life?

29:05—Here’s your Relationship Challenge for the week.

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