Episode 013 - Three Steps To Forgiveness Part 1

Emerson and Jonathan discuss three things to do when seeking to forgive someone, following the example of Jesus. In Part 1, excuses that we all have considered or used to not have a forgiving spirit are looked at, as well as the concept of sympathizing with another person to understand why something may have occurred.


00:57—Live Marriages Conferences are coming to California in October! Will you be there?

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04:53—Through years of counseling and pastoring, Emerson and Jonathan have addressed today’s topic a lot.

05:33—How do you forgive if you don’t feel like forgiving?

09:53—Emerson breaks down the logic of the human heart and it makes perfect sense…or does it?

12:15—Have you ever said anything like this…?

15:29—The Jesus Way of forgiving.

18:23— Many of us are wounded by our parents, but they were wounded, too.

22:00—“In the same way…”

22:32—What’s the difference between forgiving and absolving?

24:09—The first step is sympathizing.

26:00—Emerson unpacks the foundation for establishing boundaries with your spouse.

28:20—Who do you think you are?

29:02—Take the Relationship Challenge for this week.

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