Episode 016 - How To Respect Your Husband When You Don't

Episode 016 - How To Respect Your Husband When You Don't

In this episode Emerson and Jonathan discuss the topic of a wife respecting her husband when she doesn't feel respect, or even when he has done things that aren't respectable. They discuss this in the context of one woman's testimony of how she went from not being respectful to respectful. It is a powerful story!


01:36—Emerson reviews last week’s topic.

04:11—Today’s listener question: How do I respect my husband when I don’t?

06:30—This is an off-the-chart issue.

09:48—The incredible power of a wife’s words.

14:16—Looking for proof of how wrong he was, in order to make the case for disrespect.

22:08—C.H.A.I.R.S. applied—what respect looks like to a husband. (Listen to more in Episode 003.)

26:06—Women aren’t rebelling against this, they just have different areas of sensitivity.

27:50—It was like it was done.

30:00—What this is NOT asking you to do.

32:11—What you’re saying vs. how you’re saying it.

34:50—Emerson issues the Relationship Challenge for this week.


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