Episode 015 - Six Statements That Inflame a Wife When She’s Already Upset

This week Emerson and Jonathan discuss six ways that a husband can really hurt his wife and the marital relationship with the things he says during conflict. This can occur when he attacks her feelings, her thinking, her beliefs, her relationships, her self-image, and her willpower.  


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06:01—Emerson reviews the Relationship Challenge from last week’s episode.

12:34—What does demolition have to do with today’s topic?

14:05—It only takes a spark to get a fire going.

15:25—Six ways to inflame your wife during conflict.

16:00—“You are so [fill in the blank].” What message are you sending by attacking her emotional state?

18:29—Taking it beyond the pale with extreme comments about your spouse’s thinking.

19:11—Why your spouse gets defensive when you’re arguing.

21:26—Attacking your wife’s spiritual beliefs doesn’t neutralize the situation.

23:05—Are you losing for the winning?

24:25—“Your family and friends are ruining our marriage!” What does this question reveal about you?

28:30—What happens when you attack her physical appearance?

31:45—It’s so easy to pass judgment on your spouse’s weaknesses based on your own natural strengths.

35:19—Meditations from Proverbs on how to choose your words.

37:15—Emerson issues the Relationship Challenge for the week.

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