This is an amazing resource. I'm grateful for every episode! So many times, it is just what I needed to hear right when I needed to hear it. Like the day or even hours before I enter the crazy cycle or something like that I had just listened to your podcast and can catch the warning signs and turn it around. Please keep going!

I just wanted to say awesome work!  I have recently just started really listening to your podcast (from the beginning) and I must say it is so encouraging.  I really like how you talk about both the thought processes of a woman and a man. I know that we are created differently and think differently, but to really hear your comparisons helps so much! I must say that I am impressed at how well you describe how woman think!  Since you can explain so well how I think and come to conclusions I know how you say a man thinks must be true!  This encourages me and helps me see where I have been unreasonable or even ridiculous and my husband has really been loving!!! 

...absolutely ecstatic when I discovered the app for love and respect. My son and I have benefited in so many ways from you and your family's words. I continue to grow with my new significant other, we do the workbook together and have a really healthy relationship. We argue, but it does not lead to crazy outbursts of disrespect or hurtfulness (most of the time). 

I just finished listening to episode 100 and I have listened to almost all of your episodes. This one however really hit home. I am that guy that you described in the episode. I have never looked more forward to hearing a next episode of yours that I am looking forward to hearing episode 101. I am really looking forward to hearing how to change and rearrange my life so that the guy that you describe that I relate to will no longer be a part of my life.

Thank you for putting this content out there and thank you for making it free and available to all.